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Gelato is always a good idea.


Be it: Wedding, Birthday, Farewell (散水餅), Baby shower, Junk trip, Engagement, Proposal, Product launch, Opening, Girls night, Office event, Corporate, TGIF, Sport day, Bridal shower, Break up, Festival of all kinds, Thanksgiving etc...

We offer a varieties of gelato catering experience. Our Gelato Ninja(s) will put together your requirements and get it going with the best possible recommendations.


Tell us what's in your gelato dream! 


 freezer rental 

 gelato/sorbet made fresh 

 flavours combination of your call 

 parties of any size 

 HM staff to serve & scoop 

 delivery & setup 

 toppings & cones 

 spoons, cups & napkins 

 optional bespoke design 

optional balloon decoration


 freezer wrap 

 gelato cup 




 getting surrounded by happy faces 


we are more than happy to create an exclusive recipe for you.

we basically have no limitation on our gelato flavour creation as long as it tastes good!


no-hassle party package

be it our nicely packaged individual gelato cups or to-scoop gelato tubs, just one basic idea

the more you get the cheaper you pay

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